Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Printing Process

For my t-shirt I decided I was going to make my own stencil and use spray paint to copy my design onto the item of clothing. I decided i was going to make a dice print, so i took a picture of a dice and printed it off. I then took a scalpel and cut out all the shaded parts of the dice so I was left with the lighter parts of the dice. I then had a stencil. I took the stencil to the spray room and tested it with various different colour sprays on cardboard. Finally, I decided i was going to go with the colour silver. I sprayed over the stencil onto a white t-shirt at home in my garage and sprayed two dices on the front of the garment.

Other ways I could have printed on my garment is via print press. Print press is when you can print ink onto paper or a material. You can use a device which will apply pressure to the surface and evenly transfer the ink.

And another way I could have done this is through a heat transfer process. The process of the heat transfer printing begins with the printing of a design. The image is printed using a modified colour laser printer and the print medium used is transfer paper. The heat press is set to 180, press the tshirt underneath, heat transfer paper over the top then set for 30 seconds then lift it up and remove the transfer paper.

Lee Towndrow

Lee Towndrow is a visual artist based in New York City. His work has appeared in Time Magazine, The Paris Review, Das Magazin.
I am going to photograph in the same style as his work. Most of his photography is either in the studio, with very bright backgrounds created with coloured paper which he calls "paper portraits".
Or, he takes pictures in desolated areas such as car parks, streets and beaches.

To try and imitate Lee Towndrow's work I went to a park and took pictures of my friend Jodeci wearing a t-shirt with a print which I had made. Some of the pictures have bright green backgrounds from the leaves on the trees, similar to the bright colours that Lee uses on his portraits. Also, I took pictures of my friend sat on a desolated area of gravestones, similar to the photographs that Lee takes of people in other desolated areas such as carparks and skateparks.

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