Wednesday, 12 March 2014

For my photography assignment I chose 'bon appétit' magazine. I chose this magazine as they usually feature cakes and puddings on the front cover. Their covers are always bright and very close up.
The front cover is usually mainly centered on the picture as their is never normally much text. 

I have also had to create my own layout for the article;

This is the layout I am going to use, the boxes show were my images will be placed.

Last week I took my photographs for the magazine at a bakery in Birmingham. I took the photos in the shop as they looked nice and there was enough lighting so I didn't need to create any extra. These are my photos

I made sure the camera was correctly focused and the photos were taken up close. The different colours look really good as they are bright and eye catching.

For my photography project I have to take photos for an article fit for a magazine of my choice. I have decided I am going to take photos for a food magazine. I am undecided as to which magazine I am going to choose, therefore I have looked at various food magazines to do my research.

                                                     delicious. magazine

The covers of delicious. magazine are all extremely bright and colourful. The food always looks appetising (obviously) and there is also quite a big deal of text. The main colour of these front covers is pink,

Baked & Delicious

This magazine is very similar to the 'delicious.' magazine as both are very brightly coloured and extremely close up to the food that is being photographed. The magazines are both very womanly as they use mainly 'girly' colours such as pink and baby blue which tells me the target audience is women rather than men.

Holiday Baking

The front covers of 'Holiday Baking' magazine are different yet still similar to the other baking magazines. This magazine still has a very close up, focused picture on the front cover. However, the colour scheme is very different as it is darker and mainly red. This could mean the targe audience is different and may be marketed for men aswel as women.

From my research I can conclude that my pictures for the magazine I choose must be close up and accurately focused. I am going to make sure the pictures I take are bright and have a high amount of lighting.