Wednesday, 12 February 2014

As part of one of our projects for Photography, we are looking at various magazine covers. Our brief is to create our own cover of i-D magazine and look at a variety of different mags.


Vogue was founded in 1892 by Arthur Turnure and is published monthly. The magazine at this time was primarily concerned with fashion. The masthead for Vogue is always big and bold and is the first thing you notice.  The featured cover star on Vogue is normally a celebrity or well known model and are usually looking directly at the camera. As it is a fashion magazine there is always some focus on what the cover star is wearing, therefore the cover is never just a close up face.


NME (New Musical Express), created by Theodore Ingham, is a UK pop/rock music journalism publication published weekly since 1952. There's always male or female musicians on the front cover and largely focuses on todays music, meaning the cover stars are always current.The main image on the front cover is usually a very famous singer or new comer. Especially artists that have recently been in the press. The short, bold masthead is kept the same on every issue in the top left corner.

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